Hey there, I'm Amber, your local web design and marketing manager. I was born and raised on the Treasure Coast and I love it here.  My 8-year-old son, like me, is fascinated by technology. When I'm not working you can find us in a field flying drones or fishing on the river. 

Growing up I always felt drawn to business, helping others, graphic art, math, and photography. In fact, I was managing my own departments in retail at only 15 years old. I worked very hard in retail management until my early twenties. Even though my experience looked great on paper I was eager to go back to school. I decided to start college and work towards a degree in business management. While in college I realized I could combine all of my talents and develop Links Web Design & Marketing. & I truly mean every single one of my passions. I always wanted to own my own business, help others succeed, manage and coach businesses, apply my technical & math skills, incorporate my graphic design work, and most importantly collaborate with like-minded people.


I pursued my Bachelors's degree in Web Design, Visual Communication & Corporate Branding and shortly after graduating began forming what Links Web Design & Marketing is today. I'm telling you guys, I feel so blessed in knowing I found what makes me happy. This doesn't work for me it's my passion. I strive to be the largest Web Management Company on the Treasure Coast someday.

If you decide to work with Links you'll quickly see I'm not here to just collect a check & I'm not just a designer. I want to truly understand your business, brainstorm with you, help you network, and create an outstanding web presence. Let Links be your second set of eyes online so you can focus on everything else that comes with running a business. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and have a wonderful day! 


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